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Feng Shui Cure for Bedroom Over Garage

Jann Seal

Sitting in a window seat on an airplane that’s darting through clouds and susceptible to bumps is akin to sleeping in a bedroom designed over a garage, at least in feng shui terms. The empty space below is full of yin -- negative energy. Balancing the negativity with positive forces, or yang energy, results in a more peaceful and restful sleep. Applied feng shui principles also counteract the emptiness of the space below, which leads to mood swings, depression, a feeling of being lost in the world and a sense of helplessness. Alleviate feelings of despair when you apply a few feng shui fixes to turn the bedroom into the haven it’s meant to be.

Start at the Bottom

Sleeping in a room over a garage is not an auspicious practice of feng shui.

In Florida, a garage is known as the Florida attic, as most homeowners park their cars in the driveway, leaving the vast space for storage. When a bedroom is constructed over the garage, the clutter that’s gathered in the garage permeates the chi, or life-force energy, moving throughout the home, and chaos ensues. Start your feng shui makeover by organizing the garage. Move the garbage pail outside; install a radon detector if you park a car in the garage; place shelving along a wall and use plastic bins for storage. Hang a few pictures to liven up the space and clean the floor periodically. By doing this, it transforms the space and gives it positive energy.

Introduce the Earth Element

Moving to the bedroom above the garage, your goal is to redirect the negative energy from the negative space beneath by introducing a stabilizing earth element to the room above. Start with earth-tone colors, such as buttery yellow, honey, clay and earth brown ground the bedroom. Expand on the earth theme by adding contrast with sage or forest green, terra cotta, gold tones or the brightness of buttercup yellow.

Furniture Placement

Place the bed and headboard against an interior wall. Just be sure your feet are not in a direct line with the door, which is inauspicious and known as the feng-shui death position. The anchoring of your bed to the wall gives the stability that feng shui practitioners strive to achieve. If solid flooring is used, add a rectangular or square area rug under the bed, giving balance to your sleeping quarters and constructing a barrier between your private space and the garage.

Wall Art

Bedrooms are designed for solitude. The only pictures of people that feng shui suggests you use in the bedroom are ones of the specific occupants. Avoid family and friends from encroaching on your peace and serenity in the bedroom. Serene landscapes or tranquil beach scenes are suggested over warring battleships or loud modern art. Pictures or renderings of botanicals, whether in art or wallpaper, bring the earth element into your sleeping space.

Feng Shui Odds and Ends

Feng shui theories about creating positive energy in a bedroom above a garage are plentiful. A mirror facing downward and tucked under that square rug over which your bed is placed sends all the negative energy back to where it came from. Rocks in all four corners of the room give the space a grounded anchor, and green plants absorb fumes that may seep up through the garage below.