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How to Invite Good Luck and Get Good Fortune

Gryphon Adams

Many cultures have traditions to invite good luck and get good fortune. One such tradition still practiced in America involves mounting a horseshoe on the doorway to invite good luck.

Lucky bamboo improves chi and attracts good fortune in feng shui.

Feng shui, the Chinese art of placement for creating harmony, has influenced interior design, fueling an interest in accessories and features believed to increase luck and promote good fortune. Feng shui translates as "wind and water." Although learning feng shui can take a great deal of time, some feng shui treatments offer simple ways to improve your home environment -- and perhaps your luck and fortune.

  1. Add a fish bowl or aquarium for positive feng shui in your home. Traditionally, a group of three fish is considered auspicious; for example, two goldfish and a black fish for protection. Locate a square or rectangular aquarium in the southeast corner of your home to attract good fortune in the form of wealth and abundance. Alternatively, place the fishbowl in the north area of your home -- determining the direction in relation to facing into your home from the front entrance -- to bring career luck in feng shui, according to Apartment Therapy Los Angeles.

  2. Place a water feature on one side of the front door to invite good luck. Face it toward the inside of the home to encourage luck to flow in. For example, situate a fountain next to the front door inside your home. A fountain promotes prosperity, and the flowing water draws in good luck in the feng shui tradition. If it's inconvenient to add a water feature, hang a mirror, crystals or aquatic picture to represent the water element.

  3. Bring a lucky bamboo plant into your home to attract good fortune. In the feng shui system, living plants improve chi, the energy, in your home. Lucky bamboo, Dracaena sanderiana, symbolizes luck and balances wood and water. Lucky bamboo also improves indoor air quality, interior designer Sarah van Arsdale of the Sheffield School notes.

  4. Tip

    Traditionally, feng shui coins -- Chinese coins tied with a ribbon -- attract wealth. Reducing clutter in the home improves the flow of energy and promotes a more harmonious environment. Clearing out unnecessary and unwanted objects in the home is a good place to start for inviting good luck and good fortune.


    Keep the fountain cord out of walkways to prevent a tripping hazard. Make sure your hands are dry when you plug in the fountain to reduce the risk of electric shock.

    If there are other pets in the home, choose an enclosed aquarium to keep the fish safe. Choose a strong, sturdy surface to support the aquarium or fish bowl. These can be heavy when they're full of water.