A Humming Noise in the Frigidaire Dishwasher

The noises a Frigidaire dishwasher makes can vary depending on the model and age of the unit. If you hear a humming noise, it may just be a normal sound produced by the running motor. If it’s a new sound or it’s suddenly louder than before, you might have an issue with your unit’s motor or drain.

What’s Normal

Your Frigidaire dishwasher doesn’t run silently. As it works through the cycles, you may hear grinding, chopping or humming. The humming is associated with the unit’s motor, so it’s normal for you to hear it throughout the cycle. In some models, the motor may cycle on and off depending on the way your dishwasher is operating at the moment, causing the humming sound to start and stop throughout the cycle.

Filter or Drain Issues

If you hear louder or a different sort of humming toward the end of your Frigidaire’s cycle, it may be associated with the drain cycle. Depending on your model, it’s possible for glass, food seeds or other debris to get stuck in the drain or filter. Sometimes it creates a humming sound during the drain cycle as the debris causes the parts to malfunction. You can address the problem by cleaning your drain or replacing the filter. Check your service manual for how to access each of these parts in your specific model.

Wash Motor Issues

If the humming noise is louder than normal or sounds new throughout the whole cycle, it may be a problem with your motor. Again, it can vary greatly, depending on your model as well as the age of your unit. Sometimes, motors reach the end of their shelf life and they start to make louder noises. In other cases, it can be a faulty part, such as a belt, that’s causing the noise. The only way to learn about your specific problem is to open up the motor and see what’s going on.

Calling for Service

If you’re handy with appliances, you can diagnose and repair any problems associated with humming in your Frigidaire dishwasher yourself. Contact Frigidaire customer service for the service manual for your particular model. However, remember that if your unit has a warranty, allowing anyone who is not certified to repair Frigidaire appliances can void it. Frigidaire customer service (706-860-4110) can direct you to a certified repair technician in your area.

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