Maytag Quiet Series 300 Dishwasher FAQ

Michaele Curtis

Maytag’s Quiet Series 300 dishwasher line offers a muted washing experience through a combination of insulation and rack design. Although the model line is discontinued now, many homes still use these units to clean their dishes each day. If you own a Quiet Series 300 dishwasher, you may have questions about its operation. You can find most of the answers to your frequent questions in your use and care manual.

Do I Have to Wash the Dishes Before?

There is a common misconception that you must wash dishes before you but them in the dishwasher to get a thoroughly cleaned set. This isn’t true with the Maytag Quiet Series 300. However, scrape dishes with food scraps or heavily soiled dishes before placing them in the dishwasher for best results. This allows the sprayer arms to work on cleaning the dish as opposed to removing large pieces of debris left on it. It also prevents your dishwasher drain from being clogged with that debris.

How Much Detergent Do I Use?

You can use any dish detergent recommended for an automatic dishwasher, including liquids or powders. The amount you use is based on the brand of detergent, so check the packaging for instructions. If you’re using standard powdered detergent, there are fill guides in your Maytag Quiet Series 300’s detergent container. The guides indicate more detergent for hard water or heavily soiled loads than soft water or lightly soiled loads. Never overfill the detergent holder because that can cause the cap to get stuck and not open or the dishwasher to leak soap suds.

How Do I Select the Cycle?

Your Maytag Quiet Series 300 dishwasher’s cycle controls may vary by model but usually have quick-cycle options and manual cycle options. The quick cycles are named for their characteristics, such as “Light Wash” or “Rinse Only.” After you select your cycle, you can customize it with the manual buttons, also named for the characteristics of the wash. For example, there’s “Heated Dry” and “Tough Scrub.” After you select your cycle options, press “Start” to prompt your unit to begin cleaning.

How Do I Clean the Dishwasher?

As you use your Maytag Quiet Series 300 dishwasher, it will get dirty. If you don’t periodically clean out the unit, it can develop sour smells or stains. Clean the outside of the unit with a soft damp cloth and mild cleaning detergent. Wait until the unit cools and use a liquid dish-washing detergent and a soft cloth to wipe out the inside. If your unit develops film or white spots, you can run a cycle with 2 cups of white vinegar sitting in a measuring cup on the bottom rack.