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How to Use the Elba EWF-656 Washing Machine

Chris Waller

Keeping up with your family's demand for clean clothes can be a tough task. The Elba EWF-656 is a front-loading model of washing machine, that allows you wash larger loads. Larger loads mean less time and energy spent doing your laundry every week. By learning and remembering the operating instructions for your washing machine, you will be able to use the washer effectively to keep your clothes clean.

Use low-suds detergent in your front-loading washer.
  1. Open the front door of the washing machine and put a load of dirty clothes into the basket. You will be able to see the load inside, through the glass window. Do not overfill the machine; the clothes won't get as clean and you can damage the washer. The load should not completely cover the glass window. Close the door when finished.

  2. Open the detergent drawer, which is located on the upper left hand side of the washing machine. This drawer features several compartments where you pour your detergent and rinse additives, such as fabric softener and bleach. Pour in the cleaning supplies you plan to use, and close the drawer. This drawer will need to be removed and cleaned occasionally. The laundry products tend to cause build-up over time.

  3. Use only a low suds detergent that is safe for front-loading washers. If the wash cycle you are planning on using includes fabric softener -- or another type of rinse cycle additive -- pour it into the section marked "Rinse Additive." The machine will add it to the wash for you, during the rinse cycle.

  4. Open the control panel. It's located on the upper right hand side. You will see a cycle selection knob, as well as a water level, temperature and spin speed knob. Turn the cycle selection knob so that the arrow is pointing to the cycle that corresponds to the type of load -- colors, whites or delicates -- you have inside of the machine.

  5. Turn the water level knob to the position that corresponds to the size of the load in the machine. The higher settings are best for large loads; while a lower water level will do, if you are only washing a few items.

  6. Press the "Spin Speed" button, to adjust the spin speed, while the washer is in use. Press the "Function" button, to add a pre-wash, for extremely dirty clothing. If you decide to pre-wash, add additional detergent to the "Pre-wash" section of the detergent drawer.

  7. When all of the knobs are on the correct settings, press the "Start" button. You will hear a chime from the machine when the load is finished.