The Jomax & Bleach on Glass Windows Will Not Come Off

Maya Black

Jomax, a bleach-based exterior cleaning product, works on mildew, age-related stains and rust from exterior siding and rooftops. The product's Material Safety Data Sheet, or MSDS, indicates that Jomax is relatively safe to use and does not harm plants and most construction materials. Some consumers, however, indicate that Jomax leaves residue on windows that can be difficult to remove.

Commercial Solutions

Professional window cleaners often use ammonia, a strong cleaning chemical that releases toxic fumes, to clean grease and hard-to-remove products, such as caulking, from windows, says "Profitable Window Cleaning" author Craig Wallin. Use a small bottle of ammonia in a well-ventilated area to clean Jomax residue from small glass window surfaces. You can also source industrial-grade window cleaning products online or at hardware stores. Seek the services of a window cleaning company to avoid exposure to toxic solutions if you have a large Jomax residue cleanup job.


Use natural and mild window cleaners to remove Jomax bleach-based residue off your windows if you are allergic to harsh chemicals. Vinegar, for example, neither burns skin nor gives off fumes; you can use it straight to clean Jomax off your windows. You can also mix dish detergent with hot water, and wash and rise your glass windows as you would any other glass item.

Tools and Techniques

Wear gloves, face protection and protective clothing when cleaning Jomax residue off your glass windows. Additionally, use one lint-free absorbent cloth for spreading cleaning solution on the window and a separate lint-free absorbent cleaning cloth for drying the window surface. For large exterior windows, place your cleaning solution in a bucket, use a mop to wash the window surface and a large squeegee on an extension pole to remove the cleaning solution and residue. Consider undertaking the task in the early morning or late evening, when the bright sunlight has less of a chance of streaking your windows.


Cover your windows thoroughly if you plan to use Jomax for house cleaning purposes that do not include window cleaning; this way you'll avoid the task of removing stubborn Jomax from your window glass. Attach newspaper to glass windows with masking tape for light Jomax uses, and attach heavy-duty trash bags to windows with a stronger tape such as duct tape for heavy Jomax use that could include exterior power washing. Remove tape reside left on the windows or the window frames with rubbing alcohol.