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Instructions for Shaklee Basic H Use

Tom Streissguth

Shaklee's Basic H is a liquid cleaning agent, which the company claims to be effective, nontoxic for users and safe for the environment. The product comes in a concentrated form and is advertised for many different applications. Although the company does not reveal the ingredients contained in Basic H, it claims the product is completely biodegradable, and breaks down in water and soil with no damage.


Basic H is used for cleaning counters, walls, floors, appliances, wood, windows and sinks. The product must be diluted before use. The company recommends an "industrial strength" dilution of 1:64, or two ounces per gallon of water. For "light duty," the dilution is 1:378, or two teaspoons per gallon. For windows and glass, dilute at 1/8 teaspoon per gallon.


Using a spray bottle, spray the solution on the surface to be cleaned or apply with a sponge, brush, floor mop or cloth, as appropriate. Wipe the surface clean. No rinsing is required. For windows, use a squeegee or wipe off with an absorbent cloth.

For the Hands

Basic H can also be used to protect your hands from the dirt, grime and damage caused by cleaning up messes and doing kitchen work. Put a few drops, undiluted, on your hands before the work begins. The product will help prevent the unpleasant odors that can be transferred to your hands by food residue.

In the Garden

To keep pests off your plants and flowers, use a few drops of Basic H diluted in a spray bottle and spritz the plants regularly. Basic H is said to ward off bugs, and when diluted for watering purposes, to help plant growth. The product can also serve as a wash for vegetables and fruits brought in from a garden or brought home from the store.

Bug Repellant

If you are bothered by outdoor insects, or going to be in the outdoors for an extended time, apply a thin layer of Basic H to your skin. The product works effectively as an insect repellent, without the toxic chemicals present in commercial bug sprays.


When sharpening knives, Basic H applied in dilution to the sharpening stone will help keep it moist and provide a smoother surface. Basic H, when added to windshield washing fluid, can also help to keep car windows clean.