How to Keep a Grill Lit

You cannot successfully grill your food if the charcoal or gas grill does not stay lit. There are several factors -- including wind, poor products and incorrect usage -- that will result in your grill not staying lit. Fortunately, there are easy ways you can keep your grill lit and your food cooking.

Keep The Lid Open at First

Always read and following the directions for your specific grill.

Whether grilling with propane or charcoal, always keep the lid of the grill open until you are sure the grill is lit and has stayed lit for a few minutes. If you immediately close the lid after lighting the grill, you could smother the flame, extinguishing the fire.

Partially Cover The Grill

A strong gust of wind can put a damper on the grilling process. The best way to deal with wind is to partially cover the grill with a lid. This will keep the wind from blowing out the fire. However, you must keep a gap in the lid about 3 to 4 inches high to allow air to reach the fire. If you cover the grill completely, you could smother the flames.

Stir The Charcoal Briquettes

When you notice the charcoal briquettes begin to develop a gray edge, carefully shuffle them with a poker. This will allow air to contact the briquettes. Fire requires oxygen, so exposing the surfaces of the briquettes to air will keep them from going out. Continue shuffling the charcoal briquettes every few minutes to keep the grill lit.

Use Quality Products

No matter what brand or model of grill you own, always use quality products in your grill. Cheap charcoal briquettes are harder to light and will burn out faster than higher-quality charcoal. In addition, low-quality charcoal can make the food taste bad.

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