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Average Cost of Stucco Window Replacements

Jennifer Eblin

Replacing the existing windows in your home might lead to lower energy bills. Older windows lack the proper seals, which lets cool air enter your home during the winter. In the summer, you risk cold air escaping in the same way. The term "stucco windows" refers to the stucco sills and decorations around the window. Consider the cost of replacing both the stucco and the windows.


Stucco decorates the areas around the windows, but not the actual windows.

Windows come in different materials, including vinyl and aluminum, but stucco windows do not literally exist. Stucco is a decorative material that you apply onto wood, stone or concrete. The stucco may come in a powdered form that you mix with water, but also comes pre-mixed as a liquid. You apply the mixture to clean and dry areas and run a trowel or other piece through the surface, creating the decorative designs. Stucco typically decorates the windowsill or walls around the windows.

Average Window Costs

According to Cost Helper, the average cost of replacing a single window is $300 to $700 as of 2011. That price applies to windows installed inside an existing frame. If the window frame suffers any damage, such as rotting, you must replace the frame, which increases the overall costs. The total cost should include removal of the existing windows, installation of the new windows and disposal of the originals, unless you opt to keep those windows.

Stucco Replacement Costs

The cost of replacing stucco relates to the square footage of the wall. According to MGI Home Inspection, installing new stucco costs an average of $5 to $8 per square foot, while laying new stucco might cost up to $14 per square foot, as of 2011. Repairing or replacing existing stucco is more expensive because the job requires more work. The installer must scrape away the old stucco, remove any stucco left clinging to the window surrounds and thoroughly clean and dry the wall before laying the new stucco. Laying new stucco simply involves cleaning and installation.

Do-it-Yourself Costs

Replacing stucco and windows yourself might be a cheaper option. You need a window that fits in your existing frame and stucco for the areas around the windows. You don't need many specialized tools, though you do need trowels for laying the stucco and creating the finished design. If you don't have experience replacing windows, consider hiring an expert. You can save costs on the finished job by using a window installer and replacing the stucco yourself.