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A Frigidaire Dryer Is Stuck on Cool Down

Christie Gross

Cool Down is a temperature setting available on certain Frigidaire dryer models. On this setting, laundry continues to tumble without heat to keep clothes fresh and prevent them from wrinkling. While the setting is meant to end after a set amount of time, occasionally something could go awry and the dryer might become stuck on that particular setting. If this occurs, there are things you can do to reset your dryer so that it runs normally.

Automatic Drying Setting

Don’t be alarmed if the timer doesn’t advance at first on Cool Down, especially if the dryer is running an automatic drying cycle, according to Frigidaire. The timer will advance once the right temperature for Cool Down is achieved in the drum.

Loose Cycle Selector Knob

Most Frigidaire dryers have a cycle selector knob that you turn to select a dryer’s heat setting. Although a knob can turn in both directions, you should only turn it to the right to make a setting selection. Otherwise, the knob is liable to come loose and get stuck on a certain setting, such as Cool Down. Push the knob toward the control console and then turn it to the right to tighten it. If the knob still feels loose, the part that connects the knob to the timer shaft might be broken, and the knob will need to be replaced.

Error Code

Every once and awhile a dryer will get stuck in “Lock Mode” on a certain cycle setting. In your case, it happens to be Cool Down. You can unlock your dryer by moving the cycle selector knob to the 3 O’clock position. Then, press both the “Select” and “Pause Cancel” buttons together and hold them down for about six seconds. This should take your dryer off “Lock Mode.” If it doesn’t, simultaneously press “Select” and “Pause Cancel” again for six seconds. Then, simultaneously press “Start” and “Pause Cancel” for four seconds. Move the selector knob to the 2 O’clock position. Count the number of flashes made by the four indicator lights Drying, Cool Down, Wrinkle Rid or Press Saver and Clean Lint Filter to get the first digit of a two-digit error code. Count the number of times the Start indicator light flashes for the second digit of the error code. Look up the code in the manual provided with your Frigidaire dryer to find out what’s wrong with your dryer. A solution should be provided next to the error code.

Power Supply

It’s possible for a Frigidaire dryer to get stuck in Cool Down. If you can’t correct the problem by hitting “Pause Cancel,” unplug the dryer from the wall outlet. Wait a few minutes and then plug the dryer’s cord back into the outlet. If all else fails, disconnecting its power source should reset your dryer. Contact Frigidaire for a service appointment if this doesn’t work. The dryer’s main circuit board has short-circuited.