How to Build an End-Table Cigar Humidor

An end-table cigar humidor serves the dual purpose of keeping fine cigars preserved while also providing a place to stand a lamp or display items in your home. End-table humidors take several forms -- but generally require the same planning and construction steps, which you can perform yourself to save money and create a custom humidor table.


An end table can hide a humidor in its drawer.

Before beginning construction, make precise plans for your end-table humidor. These plans will determine the amount of material you need to buy, as well as the look of the finished product. You can select any end-table style you like. A small table with a pull-out humidor, or tabletop that opens to reveal a humidor below, are common options. The table may also take the form of a cabinet, providing more space for cigars than a table with legs and a smaller compartment.

Table Construction

Constructing the end table's structural components is similar to building any type of table. Measure and cut the wood, which can be any type of wood that has the look you want. While end tables can be extremely ornate, a basic table will only require some basic lumber, a table saw and a miter saw. Assemble the table with nails and wood glue before staining or varnishing the wood.

Humidor Construction

The humidor portion of an end-table cigar humidor is essentially a series of wooden boxes that fit into the table. The outer box may be a drawer, or a box cut to fit on the table's shelf or inset into the tabletop. The inner box is a tight-fitting box made of thin Spanish cedar planks, which regulate humidity. Apply edge banding to the outer box and to the hinged lid to limit the flow of air and moisture.


The humidor case in an end table regulates humidity as the Spanish cedar absorbs and releases moisture based on the humidity levels in the humidor, and in the surrounding air. Though optional, you may want to install a humidity gauge in a small opening on your end table's humidor case. This device will show when the relative humidity is 70 percent -- the perfect level for cigars. Heating or cooling the room to 70 degrees F will also help your end-table humidor work best.