Microwave Oven Trim Ideas

Mackenzie Maxwell

Attention to detail is crucial if you want to make your kitchen outstanding. Blend your microwave into its surroundings and improve ventilation with a trim kit.

Microwave Oven Trim Ideas

These days, a microwave is an essential appliance. Unfortunately, it isn't always the prettiest appliance in the kitchen. You can change all of that with a great microwave trim kit. Whether you have a built-in or on-counter unit, you can seamlessly blend this machine into your decor style.

Trims for Built-In Units

Just because your microwave is already mounted on your counter, stove or oven doesn't mean it's blending into your kitchen's decor. You can upgrade your microwave with trim kits that make your style seem effortless. If you're searching for a new microwave, you can look for ones that have matching trim kits. This option ensures that the trim not only pulls the space together style-wise but also matches the new unit perfectly.

What if you want to adorn an older unit? There is no need for you to fret or spend big bucks on a new microwave since some trim manufacturers make kits that match older units. Just be sure to get your microwave's dimensions and model.

Make Countertop Microwaves Look Built-In

Kitchen counter space is a valuable piece of real estate in many homes. You don't have to waste any space on your microwave. Instead, you can build additional cabinetry below an existing cabinet to free up space on the counter. First, choose a trim kit that will fit your appliance. Then, measure your microwave and the trim kit together to determine how big your new piece must be. Use your basic carpentry skills to build a box, stain it and mount it to the wall. If that doesn't sound like something that's up your alley, you have other options as well.

Build Space Under Your Island

If you have some space under your island that doesn't get enough use, you can make it a new home for your microwave. First, take out the existing drawer, if necessary. Then, build a basic platform on which you can place the microwave. Plug it in and install any necessary ventilation. You can design a trim around it that matches your island's style and blends in seamlessly.

Circulation Type Matters

Before you run head-first into this trim project, make sure you think about your microwave's ventilation system. Knowing how your unit moves air as it cooks can help ensure that you install safe and effective trim. For example, if your microwave is meant to go over a stove, it probably has ventilation underneath it. For all microwave styles, there are generally two types of ventilation systems: ducted and recirculating.

Ducted ventilation takes the moisture and hot air from inside the microwave and sends it directly outside. As you can imagine, installing such a system can be time-consuming and costly. However, ducted ventilation tends to be more effective in cleaning the air.

As the name suggests, recirculating ventilation pushes the air through the microwave's filter and back into the home. This can help take some of the unwanted particles from the air, but it is less effective than sending them outside. However, this method is considerably cheaper. If you are building your own trim around your microwave, ensure that you will be able to change the microwave's filter every year or so to keep it fresh.

When it comes to home renovation, the delight is often in the details. Make sure your microwave looks just right with a great trim.