The Size of Andersen Windows

Based in Bayport, Minn., the Andersen Corporation manufactures more than 6 million doors and windows annually, according to the company’s website. Among its innovations are the industry’s “first completely assembled window unit” and insulating glass that helps to protect windows against frost. Andersen makes windows in sizes that suit a variety of home construction or renovation needs.


When selecting the appropriate size of Andersen window for your home, you will first want to decide which type of window you want. For example, a gliding window opens horizontally, while a double-hung window opens vertically. Awning windows open outward, and bay windows extend outward from a home. Andersen offers a window design tool on its website, which provides details about different window styles.


The features of an Andersen window will vary depending on the window type. For example, casement windows have energy-efficient glass and optional insect screens. Picture windows can be ordered as a single pane of glass, or with a grille to create rectangular or square patterns. Specialty windows are available in shapes including oval, circular, trapezoid and octagon. Patio doors can be customized with bronze, nickel, chrome, or brass handles and locks.


Andersen explains on its website that its windows are available in base sizes but can be customized to fit your home. For example, a patio door can be custom fit in increments as small as one-eighth of an inch. When ordering an Andersen window, you will need to provide a series of measurements. These may include the width and height of your existing window, minus the interior trim.


With respect to sizing, Andersen explains that there are minimum and maximum custom sizes available, depending on the window type. For example, an awning window can range from 17 to 48 inches high and 24 to 71 inches wide. Picture windows range from 14 to just over 76 inches in height; widths range from 36 to 71 inches. If you do not need a custom window solution for your home, you can refer to Andersen’s basic sizing tables to order windows.