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My Kenmore Gas Oven Takes Too Long to Preheat

Mario Calhoun

The preheat feature on your Kenmore gas oven is necessary to prepare the oven for baking and searing, and typically reaches the proper temperature within one to two minutes after setting the oven's controls. Problems with your oven's thermostat or power can affect its preheating speed, as the oven will not proceed to the normal baking process until its interior reaches the proper temperature. If your Kenmore gas oven is taking too long to preheat, troubleshoot simple matters before you reach for the phone to call a repair technician.

Oven Temperature Adjustment

The Kenmore oven's temperature is set to a factory setting that maintains proper heating temperatures. It is adjustable by pressing and holding "Bake" on the oven's control panel. Holding back allows you to reconfigure the oven by raising the temperature's calibration settings. Make temperature adjustments in minor increments to avoid overcooking your food.

Gas Supply

A partially closed shutoff valve prevents the oven from heating properly, as the shutoff valve restricts gas from flowing from your home's gas supply line to the oven. The supply line is clear of obstructions and distributes gas to the oven within one to two minutes depending on the speed of your oven. The shutoff valve is located along a metal hose that links the back of the oven to the gas outlet that's poking from the floor or the wall.


A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker will restrict your oven's ability to warm up, as the oven draws power from your home's power supply, even though it's a gas range. A blown fuse in your home's fuse box contains a black, sootlike coating inside of it when it is no longer functioning, or it will have a visibly broken wire inside it. Alternatively, a tripped circuit breaker's switch is flipped to the off or neutral position; correct it by flipping it back to the on position.

Door Issues

A slightly ajar door allows heat to escape from the oven, which considerably lengthens the preheat time. Check for loose hinges on the oven's door and make sure the door is completely shut to seal air out of the oven while in use.