Window Installation in a Metal Building

Metal framework is used in warehouses, offices and residential buildings. The framework created for these buildings is strong and can be set up quickly because manufacturing creates the building frame as a series of interlocking materials. The windows in a metal building are no exception to this rule, which makes window installation a typically quick process.

Extruded Frames

Metal building windows are designed to be installed quickly.

Metal building windows are extruded, or created from a basic mold that can quickly be used to produce many similar window frames at the same time. The frames are typically installed with their window panes and sealed in the factory, so when the ship you receive the window and its frame in one package. This makes it easier to inset the frame in the pre-made slots designed for it.


Flashing is the material around the rim and sell of the frame which protect the window from leaks. Flashing prevents leaks into the building and channels water away from the more vulnerable parts of the window. Extruded metal windows are self-flashing. This means that the sill installed in the factory, along with the metal framework, already includes flashing capabilities, which allows you to skip another step in the installation process.

Attachments and Framing Kits

Metal windows vary in the way they are attached to the wall framework. Some windows are designed to be snapped into place within the metal walls, fitting into a standardized profile. Other components might use screws or fasteners to tightly attach the window and help prevent leakage. The necessary materials are included in the window framing kit.

Trim and Upgrades

You can buy a variety of upgrades for your metal window units. For example, some windows might be available with insulation. You might be able to choose between tinted and normal glass, or between tempered glass and normal, more brittle glass. When it comes to outside trim, you can buy trim in different colors and designs for easy attachment.