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What Size Brass Nuts to Replace a Dryer Cord?

James Clark

An electric dryer uses a heavy-gauge power cord with three or four prongs to connect to a round 220V wall socket. The heavy cord terminates at the appliance with three or four metal connectors that attach to the terminal block inside the dryer. Each wire connector slips over a threaded bolt on the terminal block and is secured by a brass nut. The nuts are typically 1/4 inch in diameter, although you can measure the bolts on the terminal blocks to be certain.

Opening the Dryer Cabinet

Always unplug the dryer before attempting repairs. Sliding the appliance forward, away from the wall, lets you reach the access panel where the cord enters the cabinet. Take out the screws in the service panel at the rear bottom and remove the panel. Follow the path of the power cord to the terminal block inside the appliance where the cord attaches to the bolts.

Removing the Cord to Measure the Bolts

The hardware holding the dryer cord to the terminal block unscrews with a nut driver or pliers. Once the nuts are off the bolts, the three or four round connectors on the wires will slide straight off the bolts. Measure the inside diameter of one of the nuts or the tip of a bolt with a ruler or tape measure to determine the precise size.

Replacing the Power Cord

The existing power cord attaches to the back of the service panel with a tension clamp. This prevents the power cord from being ripped suddenly off the terminal block. Loosen the screw on the back of the panel to open the clamp and pull out the old power cord. Slide the new cord into the front of the panel and through the clamp so the wires extend through the back. Tighten the screw in the clamp to hold the cord.

Connecting the Cord With New Nuts

Place the three or four wire connectors onto their respective bolts on the terminal block in the same way the old power cord was connected. Twist a brass nut over each bolt on the terminal block and tighten with a nut driver or pliers. With the electrical connections complete, reattach the service panel to the back of the appliance and fasten it with screws. Plug in the dryer's power cord to complete the repair.