Specifications of the Sachs Dolmar 143 Chain Saw

The 143 model chain saw from Sachs Dolmar can be used for a variety of applications, such as tree limb removal or general wood cutting. If you're in the market for a Sachs Dolmar 143, its a good idea to know its list of technical specifications so you can determine if it really is the unit for you.

Engine Displacement

The Sachs Dolmar 143 chain saw has an engine capable of 95 cubic centimeters of displacement. Engine displacement is defined as the total volume of both fuel and air that the engine of a particular piece of equipment can draw in during one complete cycle of operation. This number also equates to 5.8 cubic inches.

Bar Lengths

The "bar" of a Sachs Dolmar 143 chain saw is the long, flat metal rod that the saw chain wraps around. The Sachs Dolmar 143 features a removable bar and can therefore be used with bars of varying lengths. The bar length that can be used with a Sachs Dolmar 143 is anywhere from 20" to 36" depending on the preferences of the user and the intended use for the specific chain saw.

Kilowatt Power

The Sachs Dolmar 143 chain saw features an electrical engine capable of outputting 5.0 kilowatts of power during use. The power factor of the engine of a chain saw is directly proportional to what types of materials it can be used on.

Safety Measures

The Sachs Dolmar 143 chain saw features a built-in safety apparatus designed to protect the user's hands while in use. When the user grips the chain saw by the top handle, a movable bar is situated between the handle and the chain of the saw. If the bar and/or chain of the saw were to come loose, the user's hands would be protected from immediate danger.

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