Proper Wood Floor Conditioning

Hardwood floors are easy to install and maintain.


Hardwood floors retain their quality with proper conditioning.
They can also last a long time if you take care of them properly. These floors will give you weekly, monthly and yearly work as they need sealing, refinishing and waxing from time to time. These processes condition the floors so that they can resist the stress put on them from people passing through the house and moisture that comes from humidity. .

Keep the hardwood floor clean, as dirt can stain the floor over time. Try to use a vacuum specifically designed for cleaning hard floor surfaces. If you do not have that kind of vacuum, use a broom and dustpan to sweep up the floor. Vacuums designed for carpets might scratch the floor.


Various floor products, such as waxes, help increase the shine and beauty of the floor. These products prevent the scratches and cracks from getting bigger. You should treat your floors every month. Oftentimes, you simply need to spray the conditioning chemical on the floor with a pump or an aerosol can and work the chemical into the floor with a mop or a rag. Clean before applying the chemicals because the mopping process can pick up the debris, which can scratch the floor.


Once a year, you should seal your floor to ensure that the floor remains resistant to damage and stress that can remove the color of the floor and make the floor look dull. If you like the current color of your hardwood floor, do not use sealer with dyes in it. The sealant also increases the longevity of the floor by protecting it from water, which can cause the floor to warp. Apply the sealer in sections to ensure that you completely seal the whole floor. After applying the sealant, buff the wood flooring with a dry rag.


Before staining the hardwood floor, the builder should sand the floor down so that the floor is very flat. During this process, the workers must keep dust from getting into the finish. Some finishes are solvent-based volatile organic compounds, which can create fumes that are harmful when inhaled. Liquid-based finishers are not harmful. These liquid finishes usually protect the floor better, don't yellow the floor and dry and cure quickly. When reapplying the finish, sand the floor down first. Make sure you lightly sand only the finish, not the wood.

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