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Kenmore Wall Oven: F5 Error Code

Alan Donahue

Kenmore wall ovens are created by a collection of different manufacturers and then redistributed with the Kenmore logo. This means that the "F5" error code could mean a number of things and be different from one range to the next. Using your oven's serial number, you can find out the correct code and fix any problems your oven may have.

Oven Manufacturer

Look for your model number in your oven's manual or on the oven itself. The first three numbers of the model indicates the manufacturer. Whirlpool makes those starting with 106, 110, 198 and 665. Roper makes those starting with 103,195, 647 and 911. Caloric is the maker of those starting with 174 and 960. Frigidaire makes those starting with 253, 417, 587, 628, 790 and 791. And General Electric manufacturers those starting with 362 and 363.

General Electric

The "F5" error on General Electric ovens means that the safety circuit failed. This could occur because of a power failure or an error with the lock circuit. Unplug your oven for 30 seconds and plug it back in. If the error remains, replace the lock circuit, using the oven model number to find the proper part.

Whirlpool and Roper Ovens

The Whirlpool "F5" error means that one of the control board buttons got stuck or jammed. This could be caused by too much use or slamming the buttons to hard. Wait for the button to unjam on its own or try to jiggle it loose. If the buttons appear fine, the whole front control board panel may need replacement.

This same error applies to Roper wall ovens.

Caloric Range Codes

The clock operates in the Electronic Range Control on Caloric ovens. When the clock and time fails, the "F5" error will appear on the LCD screen. This means that the whole Electronic Range Control needs replacement or the oven cannot operate.

Frigidaire Oven Errors

The Electronic Oven Control operates all of the Frigidaire oven functions.; when this fails, the "F5" code will appear. This can represent a number of errors with the Electronic Oven Control, but they all lead to a replacement of the part.