Composite Sinks Pros & Cons

There are plenty of factors to consider when picking out a new sink for your kitchen or bathroom. You want to make sure the sink you select will hold up against heavy usage, last a long time and go easy on your wallet. Composite sinks are an interesting option because they combine the durability of natural stone sinks with a slightly lower price. Composite sinks are made from a combination of real stone and resin.


Since they are made partially from natural stone, composite sinks are durable. Dropped dishes and other items will not cause any damage, and composite sinks cannot be scratched or chipped easily. Composite sinks sometimes incur scuff marks if you are not careful when you clean them. Avoid cutting food items directly on the surface of the sink. While you can do this with real granite, it risks scuffing and small scratches on a composite sink. Hot pots and other dishes also can composite sinks.

Cost and Value

Composite sinks are among the most expensive options on the market but they are still cheaper than natural stone. Composite sinks cost more if you build them directly into the counter top. Despite the initial investment, composite sinks also add value to a home. They also are long lasting.


Composite sinks look just like natural stone, so they have a sleek look that works well in almost any kitchen or bathroom. Some composite sinks have a glossy finish, while others have a rough, matte finish. The exact appearance of a composite sink depends on the stone from which it is partially made. Sinks with marble, granite or quartz components are going to look different from one another.


If composite sinks get burned, you have the option of trying to sand out the discolored surface. The sinks have color all the way through, so they will not look damaged. Glossy finished composite sinks may get dull over time, though you can reseal them to get the finish back. Try to use only water and a rag to clean composite sinks as cleaning agents can cause damage and discoloration if they are used too often.


Composite sinks, just like natural stone sinks, are very heavy. You should make sure to have professional help while installing them. Make sure that the counter top is strong enough to support the weight of the sink so that it is not damaged.