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The Difference in Uba Tuba and Peacock Granite

Sarabeth Asaff

There are many choices of granite on the market today for use in tiles and slab counters. Green granites with tight, granular patterns are one of the more popular choices because they work well with a number of wood tones and complementary tile colors. Uba Tuba granite is one of the most frequently used stones for kitchen counters. "Peacock" is another variety of granite, available in shades of green.

Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba granite is a dark green stone flecked with white, gold, cream and occasionally turquoise. The stone has no veins or streaks of color but is uniformly flecked. It is quarried in Brazil and can sometimes be found under the names Verde Uba Tuba, Green Uba Tuba, Butterfly, Verde Butterfly and Verde Labrador. The color of the stone can have a more pronounced green color or be closer to black; stones labeled "Green" or "Verde" are more likely to have a green cast. Like all granites, Uba Tuba is extremely durable, able to be polished to a high sheen and can be used on kitchen counters with little maintenance.

Green Peacock

The stone known as Green Peacock is also quarried in Brazil. Like Uba Tuba, it has a tight, flecked pattern rather than veins and is dark green in color. Green Peacock is likely to have gold, white and sometimes blue in its surface, but where it differs in appearance from Uba Tuba is the inclusion of red in its coloration. Green Peacock can be extremely vibrant in color, with a great deal of mica in its makeup to give it more variation in tone. It is also a low maintenance granite suitable for kitchen counter tops.

Green Peacock Light

Green Peacock Light is quarried in Brazil and has a similar coloration to Green Peacock. The difference is in tone; Green Peacock Light is not a dark stone bordering on black. Instead, the light stone is a vibrant yellow green, flecked with white, gold, some turquoise and very light pinkish red. There are no veins of color on its surface. Green Peacock Light varies the most in color from Uba Tuba and does not fall into the category of dark green stones. It can be used on kitchen counters but is not as common or readily available as the darker stones.

Peacock Green

Peacock Green is quarried in China. It is also a dark green stone but has a much larger concentration of red in its surface makeup. Like the other stones, it has no veins but features a tightly packed granular pattern. The flecks of color are much larger, giving the stone a mosaic appearance. It can sometimes be found under the name of Erlangshan Peacock Green to refer to its quarry. While it is classified as a green stone, the large amounts of white and red in its makeup give it a very different appearance than Uba Tuba or Green Peacock.