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Italian Villa Exterior Paint Colors

Lee Carroll

Italian villas are known for elegance and style, and there is a broad rage of color possibilities for the exterior. If yours is an older home, try to locate the original color in areas where less weathering or fading has occurred, such as in corners and close to windows. Chipping away old paint sometimes reveals a goldmine of information about the home's history. If yours is new construction, choose your color from the rich Italian palette common to villa architecture.

Earthy Red

Italian villas are seen in a number of colorful shades.
Earth reds are warm, often resembling faded terracotta pots.

Naturally earthy reds add lively color to an Italian villa while keeping with traditional style, and it is very common in Italian villa architecture. Also found in Spanish and American Southwest architecture, this palette of reds is warm and mimics clay used to make terracotta pots. Italian reds lend authenticity to villa-style homes, giving a sun-baked appearance, notes HouseBeautiful.com.


Italian villas are found in various shades of white.

White is one of the most common exterior colors found gracing Italian villas, whether small or large scale. Villa Carlotta in northern Italy is a grand example with its pristine structure standing proud, surrounded by colorful gardens. The whites used on Italian homes are soft instead of stark, and they vary into creams that border on yellow.


Colors used in Italian villas are drawn from the very land on which they sit, and they usually appear as softer versions of the landscape that inspired them, explains Themed Home Decor. Italy is known for cultivating some of the world's most prized olives, and from there the use of olive green is drawn. Olive varies in hues from gold with a hint of green to deep green with just a bit of yellow. Although not the most widely used color, olive green is accurate in a wide range of tones and is also appropriate for exterior trim.


Yellows of any shade are appropriate Italian villa paint colors.

Most colors used in Italian architecture are soft and appear very old -- even if they are new -- but bright colors like yellow are sometimes used. Rich gold, pale butter yellow and every shade in between are equally correct to paint the exterior of a new construction or vintage Italian villa. Vivid red or green accents mix well with bright yellow to give the home a cheerful appearance.

Natural Stone

Many villas are natural stone and are never painted.

Although paint colors can finish a home, many Italian villas are made of stone, bricks or blocks and are never painted. Natural weathering gives the home a neutral appearance in soft browns and grays. Consider leaving a stone or block home unpainted and allowing it to weather naturally.