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The Best Colors to Paint a Large Auditorium

Eva David

An auditorium is a structure built to house audiences during events, such as concerts, theatrical performances or presentations. Whether they are built to a massive scale, or more modest one, the enclosure must house a welcoming environment for all. When deciding the color of the interior paint, more than style should be considered. Studies have shown that colors evoke different emotions within people.


Although many people might feel the color orange to be loud or obnoxious, when in muted tones, quite the opposite is true. Orange actually invokes anti-depressing emotions. It encourages socialization, cheer and joyfulness. Frequently, it is used in nursing homes and rehab facilities to keep spirits high. When used as an interior paint, don't go for the loud or brass shades. Designers at housebeautiful.com recommend choosing lighter hues such as Soft Marigold, Yuma or Summer Squash.


Perhaps the auditorium houses quiet and peaceful events, speeches or performances. You want your audiences to feel at home, calm and relaxed. Blue is the perfect color for this. It is widely accepted by both male and females, and its shades have relaxing properties on all. It sedates and encourages introspection and personal thought. Shades of blue are very often seen within hospitals and spas because of their effects. When choosing the right color scheme, think of the cool blues we see in our environment, such as ocean waves or billowy clouds.


Yellow stimulates our brains. It excites nerve endings and entices memory functions. People may become more vibrant and active in its presence, encouraging communication with one another. Housebeautiful.com recommends yellows that are more earth toned, such as DKC-20, or shades that house light within themselves. If there is a limited amount of light within the confines of the auditorium, a pale yet bright yellow can add the outdoor sunshine feel that the room itself may lack.