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What Curtain Color to Match a Green Sofa?

Kate McFarlin

A sofa is often the most expensive piece of furniture in the room, and once you have made the investment, you must design around that key piece. Finding the right curtain color to match a green sofa is dependent on the actual shade of the sofa and then staying within that color family to create a polished look in the room.

Hunter Green

Complementary colors can make design choices easier.

A hunter green sofa has perhaps the most options for matching the curtain color. When you look at a design color wheel, you'll see that directly opposite the color green is the color red. Just as hunter green is a dilution of true green, you'll want to go with a dilution of true red for the curtain color. A good example of this would be burgundy, a color commonly paired with hunter green. For a different look, you can go with an accent color such as ivory or white. Hunter green is a versatile shade that can go with either cool or warm tones.

Sage Green

Sage green is a very light dilution of true green in the color wheel. It has more brown and yellow tones than blue, which gives you an idea of what colors to match with it. Light beige or light yellow are colors that are within this same color family, and they will match well with a sofa in this shade. Unlike other greens, sage is commonly associated with warmer colors and can be paired with ivory instead of plain white. Going back to the color wheel, rust red would be directly opposite this dilution of green and would make for a striking complementary color.

Bold Green Colors

A bold or a true green can be matched with several different colors. This green is best when paired with cool colors rather than neutral. For example, bright turquoise or bright, crisp white can be paired with true green. Navy is another color that is commonly used with green. Another option is to go with a bold white and black curtain design to give the room a more modern edge.

Pastel Green Colors

Color matching pastel greens will depend largely on what colors are mixed with the green. For example, if the shade of green is a light celery color, pairing it with neutral colored curtains would complement the sofa. If the shade is more of a crisp pastel green, stick with white or a cool color combination to match it, such as a pastel blue.