What Colors Go With Maple Tones?

Kate McFarlin

Maple cabinets are typically stained either a natural color, which is a light brownish tan, or they may be stained to a darker brown. Brown is considered to be a neutral shade, which means you have several options when selecting colors to go with the maple tone of your cabinets.

Other Neutral Colors

Choose the right color to go with maple cabinets.

Because maple is considered neutral, you can mix other neutral colors with it for a pleasing look. If the maple is natural and as such has a light stain, you can mix darker colors of brown with it, or use a light ivory or butter yellow. If the maple has been stained to a darker color of brown, use lighter shades of brown such as tan or beige and mix in hints of ivory to balance out the color scheme.

Black and White

Black and white coordinate very well with a natural, light maple finish. This color combination will give the room a more modern look and feel. You can also add accents of bright red to liven up the color palette, or stick with just black and white for a starker appearance. You can also add brushed chrome hardware to maple cabinets or even black hardware to finish off the appearance of the room.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors blend very well with both light maple and maple wood that has been stained to a darker finish. A light blue or green will give the room a crisp and cool feeling. Light pink can be used, but only if the wood is stained to a natural color. Pastels work best with country or beach interior design themes when combined with maple wood. You can also mix in crisp white or ivory to break up the colors for a more sophisticated look for the room.

Bold Colors

Bright and bold colors such as purple, red or blues also coordinate well with maple tones. You have a little more leeway with these colors, and they can go with light or dark maple stains. This color palette is typically used for contemporary design themes, but you can add richer, jewel colors, such as emerald green or garnet red, to give the room an elegant or old-fashioned look as these colors will also go with maple wood.