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Spiderman Wall-Paint Colors

Arin Bodden

Many children dream about being a superhero, and what better way to be a superhero than to have a room decorated in this theme? Spiderman is a classic superhero, and his bright, vibrant costume is an inspiration for many bedroom décor choices.

A Spiderman-themed room uses a few easily found paint colors.

The red, blue and black found in his costume can also be found easily in most hardware stores.


The Spiderman red is a bright, deep red that can easily overtake a room. Red paint is available in most home supply stores. To get the right color, bring a picture of Spiderman with you and ask the paint center to color match the red on the picture so you get the exact color paint you want. If you don’t have a picture, look for a bright true red color. Reds are notoriously difficult to paint with because they tend to need several coats. Prime your walls first, or buy paint with built-in primer to avoid this issue.


Spiderman’s blue is a vibrant cerulean blue. This color is widely available in home supply stores, and you can bring a picture to have this color perfectly color matched. If you don’t color match your blue paint, look for a bright, deep blue. For best results, hold it up against the red paint color you chose to make sure they work well together. This blue works best with a primer either painted on the wall before you use the paint or included directly in the paint.


Spiderman’s lair wouldn’t be complete without a touch of black needed for his web. Black is a common color and is easy to find, but it can be tricky to paint with. For best results, choose the darkest, truest black you can find. Anytime you use black, use a satin-finish or semi-gloss paint, and prime with a dark primer made for black paint. In most Spiderman rooms, black works best for accents, such as a painted web and borders.


White paint works well for outlines, borders and accents in a Spiderman-themed room. White is the most commonly available paint color at your home supply store, so it will be easy to find. Choose a true white paint, as opposed to off-white, and use it sparingly. White paint looks best in a satin or semi-gloss finish so it retains a slightly shiny look reminiscent of a comic book cover.