Mattress Removal

Because of the wide range of materials used to construct a mattress, it's necessary to properly remove and dispose of a used mattress.

Mattress Removal Services

70 percent of old mattresses are handed down from one user to another.70 percent of old mattresses are handed down from one user to another.
While getting rid of your old mattress set can be done, you may have to do some legwork. A number of facilities support mattress recycling.

Mattress removal may be available though the store in which you purchased your new mattress and box spring set. Not all retailers offer free mattress removal and disposal, so inquire about these services and the cost involved. There may be a nominal fee, if any at all, but it's worth asking the store to pick up your old mattress and box spring when they deliver the new set. Have the mattress ready by removing bedding beforehand.

County Sanitation

Call your county sanitation department or garbage hauler. Not all municipal recycling facilities support mattress recycling, so ask in advance if pickup arrangements can be made. A typical mattress measures 23 cubic feet and is composed of steel, wood, cotton and polyurethane foam. Provide the sanitation department with the specific size and type of mattress you've slated for disposal.

Mattress Recycling Facility

Call a local mattress recycling facility. Obtain a list of facilities in your city and state by consulting the free online database at Make arrangements to schedule a pickup. If such service is not available, drop off the mattress during the facility’s approved drop-off period.


According to The Good Human website, “Many health departments prohibit donating mattresses to charities like the Salvation Army or Goodwill.” If you live in a small town where mattress recycling facilities are limited and cannot arrange any other disposal method, consider posting an ad on a web-based community sharing website like Freecycle Network. Such websites allow people to give away items to anyone willing to pick them up or arrange delivery. Look for the “free” section of local classified websites too.

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