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How to Dump an Old Mattress in Miami

Lee Morgan

One of the most troubling pieces of household garbage to get rid of is the mattress. An old mattress is large, bulky and difficult to move and it's not something you can just store in a closet. However, throwing out a mattress with the trash or even taking it to the dumpster at your apartment complex is generally not acceptable. For people living in the Miami area, there is a simple way to get rid of that old mattress -- and it may even be free.

Get rid of that old mattress for free.
  1. Check with the Miami-Dade County Solid Waste Department to find out if you are eligible for "Bulky Waste Pickup." Bulky waste includes mattresses, refrigerators, ovens, washers, furniture and other large items that you need to dispose of. If you live in the city of Miami Beach, contact the city's sanitation services to find out if you are in an area where bulky waste pickup is available.

  2. Estimate the cubic yardage of the mattress to find out if you will have to pay to have it removed. Calculate the cubic yardage by multiplying length by width by thickness of the mattress and then divide the total inches by 36. The Miami-Dade County website states that residents in qualifying areas can have the solid waste department pick up a maximum of 25 cubic yards of waste twice per year for free. If you have multiple items in addition to your mattress, or have multiple mattresses, you may exceed 25 cubic yards. If so, you may choose to combine your two entitled pick ups into one 50 cubic yard pickup or else be billed at the rate of $23 per extra cubic yard.

  3. Call the Miami-Dade Solid Waste Department by dialing 3-1-1 to request a bulky waste pickup. You may also visit MiamiDade.gov and make an online request or check your available free cubic yardage. Call Choice Environmental at 305-687-0177 if you live in Miami Beach. Additional guidelines may apply for some residents in Miami Beach.

  4. Move your old mattress out to the curb no more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup. Leave the mattress within 10 feet of the street and more than 3 feet from any mailboxes, parked cars, poles, trees or other obstructions. Ensure that there is a minimum of 15 feet of clearance above the mattress.