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Mattresses That Fit in Existing Waterbed Frames

Dionna Harding

First invented by a Scottish physician in the early 1800s, the waterbed has made its way into bedrooms all over the globe. The modern waterbed was first designed by three students at San Francisco State University in 1968. Though they are no longer as popular as they once were, many consumers are left with waterbed frames once the mattress is damaged. If you plan to keep and use your waterbed frame, different replacement mattress options are available.

Otis Beds

Different matresses fit waterbed frames.

Otis Beds has produced a complete line of mattresses capable of fitting into a waterbed frame. This line consists of 11 different mattresses that come in customizable sizes, styles and comfort levels. Each mattress is hand-made at the family-owned business located in Western, New York. The Haley series includes three different mattress models that have eight inches of high definition foam. Other mattress types produced by Otis include visco-elastic foam, latex-like foam, spring and independent coil system interiors.

Waterbeds, Etc.

Waterbeds, Etc., has a wide variety of replacement mattresses for your waterbed frame. If you prefer to invest in another waterbed to fit your frame, waveless, semi-waveless and free-flowing water-filled mattresses are available. If you plan to replace the mattress for your waterbed frame with a waterless mattress, the Ruby line of fiber mattresses offer edge-to-edge support. Available sizes include super single, full, queen and king.

Specialty Size Matresses

Regularly-sized king and queen-sized mattress are either too big or too small to fit a waterbed frame. King mattresses are too big since they measure 76 x 80 in size, and since the dimensions of the standard queen mattress is 60 x 80, it leaves a four-inch gap at the end and is too small. Specialty-sized mattresses are a better fit to meet the size requirements of your waterbed frame. The best sizes of specialty mattresses that fit waterbed frames include the California king, California queen and the super single.