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The Best Way to Dispose of a Deep Freezer

Pheori Wiley

If you are getting rid of a deep freezer, you need to take some important factors into consideration. Refrigerated appliances contain harmful refrigerants that must be taken care of beforehand. It is not recommended that you move a deep freezer without checking with your utility company and public works department to determine the proper procedures. You may be required to certify that the appliance is in proper working condition or that the refrigerant has been removed and disposed of by a qualified professional.

Bounty Programs

There may be programs in place that will allow you to trade in or receive credit toward a new appliance when you have your old one hauled away. If you are simply looking to buy new and replace the old, contact your appliance store to see if it offers free haul-away. If you would like to try to receive a credit or discount on the purchase of your new freezer, contact your utility company to find out if it offers a bounty program. The credit received for the purchase of a new appliance is in the form of a payment, discount or rebate. The utility companies offer bounty programs to help improve air quality, reduce electrical loads and boost the economy. Your appliance will be subject to approval to be accepted in the program; find out the regulations and specifications regarding acceptable appliances.

Department of Public Works

You may find that some areas do not have a bounty program. If so, contact your city's department of public works. Bulk disposal options may be available. Some municipalities charge a fee, while others offer this free of charge. A deep freezer is a refrigerated appliance and may need to meet certain standards to be eligible for pick-up and disposal. Find out if you must have the refrigerant removed in advance; you could be required to hire a professional to do this, or one may be furnished for you.

Hauling and Dumping

Hauling and dumping the refrigerated appliance is typically not as cost effective as going through a bounty program or your public works department. You will need to find a service that will haul your appliance, as well as a professional technician to remove the refrigerant. A quick search in the yellow pages or online for "garbage removal" or "rubbish removal" will offer some options. Although Environmental Protection Agency certification is unnecessary, it may be wise to find out if the technician is certified. You will pay the fees for the hauling service. You will also pay a fee to the dumping site or recycling center to accept your appliance. Simply dumping your appliance, venting the refrigerant or releasing other hazardous materials into the environment are illegal activities and should be avoided.

Removal and Disposal of Refrigerant

It is unwise to remove the refrigerant yourself. Hiring a certified professional will ensure that safe removal is done with equipment that meets the EPA standards. According to the EPA, the person who is disposing of the appliance is also responsible for the safe handling and removal of any refrigerant. The EPA has established the Responsible Appliance Disposal Program to encourage people to recycle or properly dispose of any hazardous components. Refrigerant can be reclaimed and recycled by EPA certified reclaimers; to find out the necessary information, the EPA website offers a list of certified reclaimers.