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How Do I Recycle a Paper Shredder for Free?

If your paper shredder no longer works, or if you have upgraded to a newer model, you can choose to recycle rather than throw away the old machine. While some recycling programs charge you for certain items, there are several office supply stores that either accept old machines free of charge or compensate by giving you a gift certificate.


One option is to donate a working paper shredder to someone you know who could use one for a home office. If you do not know anyone in need of a shredder, post a public listing for it on a website such as CraigsList so people in your area can take it off your hands. You may also choose to donate the shredder to a local Goodwill Industries or other recycled home goods store in your area. Goodwill's website is linked in the References section.

Finding a Recycling Center

If the shredder is beyond repair and no one could benefit from inheriting the machine, find a local recycling center that will accept the shredder. A paper shredder could be classified as either “electronics” or “office machines.” The website Earth911.com, which is linked in the References section, compiles lists of recycling programs by area. Use its search feature to find a recycling center near you.