How to Locate a Troy-Bilt Dealer

Mandi Titus

You can find Troy-Bilt products, including lawnmowers, tillers, edgers and other lawn and garden tools available at many retailers, including Lowes stores, independent retailers and, in some cases, through online vendors.

The Troy-Bilt website provides a store locator for consumers who are unsure whereto find their local dealer of Troy-Bilt products.


Call you local store before arriving to purchase your tool as not all retailers sell all Troy-Bilt products.

  1. Visit the Troy-Bilt website (troybilt.com) and locate the words "store locator" on the upper right of the page.

  2. Click on "store locator" to be taken to the dealer locator page.

  3. Browse the product types displayed on the store locator page to help you find a dealer that stocks the lawn tool or tools you need.

  4. Select the type of store where you would like to purchase your yard tool by clicking on the store type you prefer next to the tool you selected. While most tools are available at Lowes stores and local retailers, some items are available on-line or through other retail chains.

  5. Provide your ZIP code and select how many miles from your home you are willing to search for stores on the next web page if you want to locate a "Troy-Bilt Independent Retailer". If you have selected Lowes, provide your ZIP code at the top of the web page to locate the nearest store. For "More Retailers," use the retailer list to select the retailer you prefer and to be taken to its web page. You will be able to enter your address or ZIP code and find the nearest dealer. If you have chosen to purchase your item online, browse the Troy-Bilt online store to select the specific item you need.