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How to Find Replacement Parts From Discontinued Eljer Shower Faucets

Steve Smith

After an Eljer faucet is discontinued, the repair parts manufactured for the model remain on sale. However, Eljer does not support the model and usually removes it from its site. So, parts are not available through the manufacturer. There are other avenues to procure parts for your discontinued Eljer faucet. Plumbing warehouses and plumber supply shops stock replacement parts for most major brands like Eljer. Even some hardware stores will special-order parts for you. Even if you have never used any of these options before, you'll find this task only takes about an hour.

  1. Find a plumbing supply warehouse or plumber's outlet in your area. Check the Internet or yellow pages to locate the warehouse closest to you. Call the warehouse and ask if it stock Eljer replacement parts for your faucet. If not, ask if it will special order the parts. In most cases, it will special order any part. If it exists, the warehouse will likely get it for you.

  2. Go to the warehouse and request the part you need. First, remove the part you plan to change and take it with you. Make a visual match between the actual part you plan to change and a picture of the part in the store's part manual. To access the part, take off the plastic cap on the faucet handle. Remove the faucet handle set screw with an Allen wrench. Slide the handle base off. The cartridge and washers are now accessible. If the plumber's supply warehouse does not have the right part, go to a hardware store.

  3. Call your local hardware store and talk to the store clerk. Ask if it it has the Eljer faucet part your repair requires. Give the clerk your faucet model number. Or, if you do not have the model number, bring the part to the store and make a visual match to identify the particular Eljer faucet model you own. Then locate the replacement part in the store's parts manual.