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How to Recycle Lead Glass

Linda Zukauskas

Governments, as well as businesses, are starting to look at lead glass as a commodity rather than waste. Therefore, many places allow you to recycle your old lead glass safely and easily.

You can find lead glass in a number of different items, including the glass video display component of televisions and computers. It's important to keep this material out of landfills because, as machinery compacts it and breaks it apart, lead toxins can escape into the environment and cause health problems for humans and wildlife.

Lead glass in the screen of a computer monitor
  1. Use a web search, such as EcoSquid, to decide if you want to use a local program, manufacturer or retailer program, or government-supported donation and recycling program.

  2. Pay attention to location. Many search sites ask for a zip code to make sure you can reach the recycling site.

  3. Drop off your items at the most convenient place. If the next electronics recycling drive hosted by your town won't happen for two months, think about using a nearby office supply retailer.