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How to Open a Karrite Carrier When a Key Is Lost

Kevin Bramer

The Karrite Carrier is a storage device that can be attached to a car roof. It is secured by a single lock that can be opened only by using the proper key. Losing the key can be inconvenient, but a simple method exists to get a replacement key.

Once you know the lock number you can request replacement keys for a small fee.

  1. Examine the barrel of your Karrite lock. You'll see the letter "N" followed by three numbers.

  2. Go to a website that offers replacement Karrite keys (see Resources section). Choose your lock number from the drop-down menu listing.

  3. Click "Buy Now" and fill out your personal information to complete your order. Your keys will be sent to you shortly, with delivery times depending on where you live and which delivery method you've selected.

  4. Click the "Find a Dealer" link at the top of the Thule website (see Resources section) if you'd prefer to get a spare key in person. Enter your ZIP code and set the range of the search you'd like to perform. Click "Search" to pull up a list of stores that can provide you with a replacement key.

  5. Tip

    You can also write down the lock number and take it to a locksmith. General retail stores might or might not have the resources to make a spare key, but locksmiths deal every day with replacing lost keys.