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How to Change the Combination on American Locks

Alane Michaelson

American Lock specializes in high-security locks for industry, government and commercial users. The company will not disclose information on changing its locks' combinations, but will assist you in obtaining a lost combination. The company's locks are registered to schools or businesses by their serial numbers.

A dial combination lock.
  1. Contact your school or business administrator for your lock's combination, which is saved by its serial number. If your administrator doesn't have this information, proceed to the next steps.

  2. Write a request for the combination number on your school's or business' official letterhead. Your lock must have a serial number starting with the letter "A" to make this request. The serial number is etched on the bottom or back of your lock.

  3. Fill out a Chart Request Form. The only way to obtain your lock's combination number is to fill out this form to obtain your business' or school's chart that includes information for all of its locks. Obtain a copy of the form by contacting American Lock.

  4. Mail the request form, letter and a check for $50 to American Lock. If you need a full end-user history, the cost is $100. American Lock will send you a chart listing all of your locks and their combinations on hard copy or disc.

  5. Tip

    American Lock combination locks come with master keys. If you lose your combination, check with your business or school administrator.


    Do not attempt to pick your lock. American Lock combination locks are often equipped with disabling features in case someone tries to pick them.