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Components of a Medeco 72S Lock

Catherine Paitsel

A Medeco 72s is a type of cam lock consisting of a cam and a base. A cam lock engages a latch system to lock and unlock a door, safe or car door with a specific key combination. The cam is the part of the lock that latches the lock secure, and the base is the part where the key or tool is inserted to rotate the cam.

Medeco 72s locks each have a unique key combination.

Removable Core

The most unique and important feature of Medeco 72s cam locks is the removable core. This is designed so that the owner of the lock can change the core for maximum security. Other locks must be removed and re-installed, but the Medeco 72s core can be changed within seconds. The removable core is useful in case of lost or stolen keys, or just as a good security practice.

Double-Layer Cylinder

Brass cylinders are durable and long-lasting. Inside the cylinder is a thin layer of hardened stainless steel to strengthen the lock and prevent damage in case of physical attack on the lock. The combination of brass and stainless steel makes the lock one of the strongest and most long lasting cam locks.

Rotating Tumbler Pins

Also referred to as a Yale lock, rotating tumbler pins engage different lengths of pin within the cam. The pins prevent the cam from rotating and unlatching unless the correct key is inserted. When the correct key is in the lock, the pins align to release the cam and unlock the latch.

Medeco Patent

The Medeco patent ensures high quality and security. Only Medeco or authorized outlets can replace or service Medeco locks. No other companies are permitted to replace lost or stolen keys or change the core to the lock. In addition, Medeco has a special duplication method in which they make multiple sets of keys to the same lock slightly different. Therefore, you can have an identifiable master key set and secondary sets. This feature is especially useful for businesses that give out sets of keys to employees.