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How to Undo a Combination Lock

Michelle Kulas

A combination lock is an easy and affordable way to keep your valuables safe whether you are at the gym, at school, or are using some other sort of public storage space. With a combination lock, you will not have to worry about losing a key. You will, however, need to memorize the combination that came with your lock and learn how to open it with that combination. While it may seem tricky at first, with a bit of practice, undoing your combination lock will come second-nature to you.

Learn how to use a combination lock to keep your items secure.
  1. Open the package that your combination lock came in and look at the combination. Most of the time, that combination is contained on the inside packaging, or is stamped in the instruction manual. The lock's combination will be a series of three numbers that you should memorize.

  2. Spin the dial of your lock several times in the clockwise direction. This will clear the lock. After several spins, stop the dial on the first number of your combination.

  3. Spin the dial in the counter-clockwise direction one full rotation, passing the first number. Continue in this direction until you reach the second number in your combination series. Stop on that number.

  4. Turn the dial in the clockwise direction to the third number. Do not make a full rotation to pass the second number; simply stop when you get to the last number in your sequence.

  5. Pull up on the top of the lock to open the latch. If it does not open, spin the dial clockwise several times to clear it, then repeat the process. If numbers were previously logged on the lock, or if you didn't quite hit one of the numbers properly, the lock might not have registered your spins.