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How to Open a Casehard Lock

Jon Stefansson

Brinks, a Richmond, Virginia-based security company, manufactures CaseHard combination locks. To open one of these locks, you must rotate each of the four numeric dials to the correct position. This example assumes the combination is "1234."

  1. Grip the CaseHard lock in your hand. Using your thumb, rotate the top-most of the four dials until the number "1" is facing forward.

  2. Rotate each dial, working from the top down, until the combination "1234" is showing. The second dial from the top should have "2" facing forward, the third from the top should "3" showing and the bottom should show "4" in this example. Pull the CaseHard lock open.

  3. Unhook the lock from the object it is sealing. You must keep the numbers lined up to close the lock again.