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Guardian Combination Lock Instructions

Mary Lougee

Programmable combination locks are designed so you can change the combination at any time to prevent a previous user from knowing the combination. Guardian combination locks use a three-letter word or code that you set to your preference. This type of lock is often used in real estate to lock multiple houses with the same combination so the agent only needs to remember one combination.

  1. Place the lock face down on a table. Unscrew the three screws on the back. Pull each screw out of the back cover and set them aside.

  2. Turn the lock over so the dial on the front is facing up. Spin the dial in either direction over the table until the three internal rings and two spacers fall to the bottom of the spindle. The rings and spacers are on a metal spindle inside the lock.

  3. Choose a combination word or code that is three letters long and easy to remember.

  4. Turn the lock over face down on the table and hold all three rings up at the end of the spindle. Turn all three rings with the pointers pointing up to the top of the lock.

  5. Turn all three pointers to the first letter of your combination on the lock body. Drop the bottom ring and push it to the bottom of the spindle. Drop a spacer on top of the bottom ring with the bent side facing the lock bottom. You are now holding two rings with a spacer in the middle in your hand.

  6. Turn the remaining two pointers to the second letter of your combination on the lock body. Drop the bottom ring in your hand and slide it down the spindle. Drop the spacer onto the ring.

  7. Turn the last ring's pointer to the third letter of the combination. Drop the last ring onto the spindle.

  8. Replace the back cover on the lock. Replace the three screws.

  9. Turn the knob on the front of the lock to your combination. Press the button on the top down and pull the shackle up to release the lock.