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Lifetime Folding Table Instructions

Rick Paulas

Lifetime started business in 1972 with its line of durable, movable basketball rims. Since then, the company has focused on becoming the world's leading manufacturer of folding tables and chairs. As of 2009, it has two versions of the folding table: the ordinary rectangular and round tables and the fold-in-half tables, all of which are easy to fold open for use and then close for storage.

Rectangular and Round Tables--Opening

To open Lifetime rectangular and round tables, set either table on its side and hold it there with one hand. With your other, pull the two sets of legs from underneath the table as far as they can go until they lock in the open position. Then secure the loose metal latch to hold the legs in place. Either by yourself or with a partner, lift the table and stand it on its legs.

Rectangular and Round Tables--Closing

To close the tables, simply reverse the process. Place a table on its side, slide the metal latch down towards the table, and fold the legs back in. When you hear the legs lock, your table is ready to be transported.

Fold-in-Half Tables--Opening

Spread open the table's legs by pulling the two halves of the table apart. This will give you a base to hold the table in place. Next, reach under the side of the table and press the release button. Pull up both sides of the table. You'll feel them lock into place. Stand the table on its legs.

Fold-in-Half Tables--Closing

Place the table on its side and press the latch release button found underneath the table. The two sides of the table will easily fold together, pushing the legs in as they do to make the table thin and easy to transport and store.