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How to Read Frigidaire Serial Numbers for ACs

Meredith Jameson

Frigidaire air conditioners typically have a tag with important information about the unit located on the side, rear or bottom of the unit. This tag includes the unit serial number, which contains information about the air conditioner that may come in handy if service is needed for the air conditioner. The serial number also includes numbers that inform the user about the cooling capacity and where the unit was manufactured.

  1. Make note of the first four numbers, which is the year the air conditioner was made.

  2. Note the next four numbers, which are the month and week when the air conditioner was produced.

  3. Note the next two numbers, which are the numerical day of the week when it was made.

  4. Make note of the last several digits, which denote the Frigidaire manufacturing plant number, as well as the sequential number. The company has several manufacturing plants in the United States and in Canada, including plants in Ohio, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Iowa.

  5. Keep this information written down in an easy-to-access location for reference as needed.