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How to Find the Year of an Amana Washer

Priya Hariharan

Most of us have had washers and dryers for years and may have wondered how old the appliance is. Amana washer and dryers have been around for many years, and there is not much information on the manufactured year in the use and care manuals that come with the appliance. The year plays an important role especially when you are buying a used washer or to check if the appliance is under warranty. The steps below give an easy way to find out the year on the Amana washer.

  1. Get the serial number of the Amana washer. Amana washers have the serial number next to the model number tag under the lid or on the back side of the washer behind the control panel. The control panel is the area with the control settings for your washer.

  2. Write down the serial number. This number has a date code to indicate when the washer was manufactured. Make sure that the number is the serial number and not the model number.

  3. Grab the first four digits from the serial number. The first two digits represent the year manufactured and the third and fourth digit represents the week.

  4. Use the example below for better understanding. If the first four digits of the serial number are 9912, the first two digits indicate the year. In this case, 99 represents the year 1999. The next two digits represent the week. In this example, it would be the 12th week of 1999 which would be March. Therefore the manufacture date is March 1999.