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How to Dispose of a Waterbed Mattress

Carolyn Green

Waterbed mattresses vary and come in many sizes, shapes and construction options, according to the Waterbed website. Generally, waterbeds consist of three mattress types, which are soft-sided, hard-sided and conversional.


When replacing your water mattress, or getting rid of it entirely, the old mattress must be disposed of properly. Because the waterbed mattress is made of vinyl, as are the tubes in the hybrid waterbeds, many municipalities will not accept them for regular waste disposal, according to the WaterbedAuthority website. If your city or town does accept the old vinyl mattress, it may charge a disposal fee.


When you need to replace the old mattress with a new one, consider that some waterbed stores may agree to dispose of your old vinyl mattress if you are purchasing a new mattress from their store.


The typical waterbed mattress will last almost forever in a landfill, creating an environmental problem. Contact your local recycling center to find out if they will recycle your old vinyl mattress, or if they know an organization that will.


You should never dispose of your waterbed mattress by burning it. Doing so will release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, according to the WaterbedAuthority.