Black Bugs in the House

The sudden appearance of black bugs can give any homeowner cause for concern. Whether they're crawling around the bedroom or flying around the kitchen, these insects are a nuisance for those living in the house and can be an embarrassment when company comes over. Once you determine which bugs are giving you problems, you can work on a solution to rid your house of the pests.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are just one type of black bug that can give homeowners fits.

Carpenter ants, known for their large size and black bodies, annoy homeowners by burrowing into wood in houses and getting into food supplies. The ants are wingless and long-legged, and typically enter homes through holes in the foundation. Carpenter ants can burrow holes in home's wood structures, where they like to make their nests. These ants can be eradicated with simple over-the-counter pesticides, which should be sprayed around window frames, window sills and anywhere these ants are nesting.


Known for their flat bodies and fast movements, cockroaches have been giving homeowners fits for years. The black insects prefer to move in the dark, choosing to hide during their day and do most of their damage at night. Cockroaches taint food by crawling over it, often leaving a pungent odor in their path. They don't stop at just eating food, attacking books, paper and clothing. Pesticides can be used to rid a household of these cockroaches, and homeowners should spray under sinks, baseboards and similar areas.

Fruit Flies

Though they can show up at any point in the year, fruit flies are most prevalent in the late summer. The flying insects are attracted to rotting fruit and vegetables and look like little dots darting around the kitchen. The bugs, which can come into a house through an open door or window, can often be found around trash cans and empty bottles. To eliminate these pests, you must find and eliminate the source of their breeding. This can mean throwing out food, more regularly taking out garbage and disinfecting counters and sinks.

Pantry Pests

Pantry pests is a general term for a group that includes rice weevils, granary weevils, grain moths, grain bores, drugstore beetles, tobacco beetles, Indian meal moth, confused flour beetles and red flour beetles. These bugs enter homes through packaged foods or through adjacent dwellings and attack stored foods, such as cereals, crackers, breads and even dog food. Infestation can be prevented by keeping food in sealed containers, and existing pests can be eliminated by throwing out the infested food.

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