Ways to Deter Spiders in Your Home

If you have noticed a lot of spiders have begun to crawl into your home, then it is time for you to get rid of these pests altogether.


Spiders can make your home a terrifying place to live.Spiders can make your home a terrifying place to live.
Your first reaction may be to call an exterminator, but you do not have to do this. To save time and money, you can purchase various items to help you defeat the spiders. You may already have many of these items in your home.

Because spiders enjoy homes that have lots of dust, you can deter spiders from entering your home by dusting once a week. Take a damp towel and clean the dust off of every surface in your home, especially in corners, on the top of light surfaces and on counters. Once wiped, dry them with a clean towel. If the spiders cannot find an area full of dust that can be used to build a web, many spiders will stay away.


If you notice areas where spiders could potentially enter your home, pour a small amount of washing detergent into the openings. This will keep spiders away, since spiders taste with their feet. Once the spiders walk across an area coated with detergent, they will only taste the detergent and it will be unpleasant. Keep placing detergent in these areas a few times per week; eventually the spiders will stop entering your home.


If you have a chestnut tree around your home and it is autumn, you will likely notice that conkers (also known as horse chestnuts) are growing on the tree. These round, dark-brown inedible nuts are ideal for keeping spiders away. Take a few small bowls and fill them up with conkers, then place the bowls in every room of your house. Since spiders hate the smell of conkers, they will not enter your home.

Lemon Essential Oil

If you do not have a chestnut tree or it is not the right season for conkers to grow, purchase a bottle of lemon essential oil. Pour the oil onto a towel and wipe it around areas where you think spiders are entering your home. Because spiders hate the smell of lemon essential oil, they will stay away. While the spiders hate the smell, you might actually like it.

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