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Middle of the Room Fireplace Ideas

Jennifer Blair

When designing a fireplace, you may assume that you have to place the structure against a wall. However, if you want to make a dramatic statement, placing a fireplace in the center of a room opens up a variety of design possibilities.There are many type of fireplaces that are attractive options for the middle of a room, so consider the overall style of the space and the features that you prefer to find the best fit for your home.

Double-Sided Fireplace

Building a double-sided fireplace in the center of a room allows the fire to warm both sides of the space.

A double-sided fireplace may be the most versatile design option for the middle of a room. As the name implies, this type of fireplace is open on two sides so the fire is visible on either side of the structure. It also allows you to create a seating area on both sides of the fireplace to maximize space in the room. Some double-sided fireplaces have a traditional look and feature a brick or wood mantel, but there are also many modern designs available, such as a glass-enclosed fireplace. A glass-enclosed design may offer 360-degree views of the fire depending on the design, so it can make a dramatic statement.

Swivel Fireplace

If you prefer a more flexible fireplace design for the center of your room, a swivel fireplace may be the ideal option. This style allows you to turn your fireplace so you can change the direction that it faces and control the areas of the room that are warmed. It is usually portable as well, which means you can easily move it if you redesign the room. Typically, a swivel fireplace can turn 360 degrees, so it can face all sides of the room. It usually has a modern design, so it may not be the best match for a more traditionally styled room.

Ceiling Mounted Fireplace

To avoid placing a large, heavy structure in the center of your room, install a ceiling-mounted fireplace. Like a swivel model, it usually has a contemporary design that features an orb or oval shape. Some ceiling-mounted fireplaces also have a swivel mechanism so you can adjust their direction.They are typically made from metal such as steel and come in a variety of sizes. You can customize how low your fireplace hangs in the center of your room so it hits just above ground level or slightly higher for a more unique look.

Linear Burner Fireplace

For a truly eye-catching look, a linear burner fireplace may be the best fit for the center of your room. Unlike a traditional fireplace, this style does not feature an enclosure, so the fire simply burns up from a rock-covered base. It can offer 360-degree views throughout the room and may be customized so the base structure measures any length that you choose. A linear burner fireplace usually suits modern decor, but it can also be designed to have a more rustic feel since it has an open campfire-like look.