The Best Cookie Sheets for Convection Ovens

Baking and cooking in a convection oven is similar, but not identical to cooking in a conventional oven.

Sheet Size

Pick the right cookie sheets to use in a convection oven.
When baking in a convection oven, sheets that are pale in color, have no rim, and are slightly smaller than the dimensions of the oven are the ideal choice. .

Convection ovens work by circulating hot air throughout the microwave to cook items. Therefore the size of the baking sheet you use is important: too big, and the air won't be able to move about evenly. Measure the interior of your convection oven and select a sheet at least two inches smaller on each side.

Sheet Color

Because of the constantly circulating air in a convection oven, items actually bake 25 percent faster than in a conventional oven. Select a baking sheet that is light in color so that items do not burn and overcook.

Sheet Shape

Many traditional baking sheets have a rim, or lip, to allow for easy gripping when inserting and removing in to the oven. Because of the nature of convection ovens, it is ideal to select a baking sheet without any lip; it should be completely flat. This will allow the hot air in the oven to circulate without any obstructions.


The nature of convection ovens dictates the type of bakeware that should be purchased. Many companies, like Cadco and OvenStuff create pans and dishes that are ideally suited for convection oven cooking.

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