The Specifications for a PVC SDR-21

PVC SDR 21 is a grade of corrosion-resistant plastic pressure pipe produced in the United States using domestic materials by an ISO 900-certified manufacturer. The pipe carries the National Sanitation Foundation seal of approval for use in carrying potable water. PVC SDR 21 is resistant to most acids, bases, salts, oxidants and halogens. It is rated excellent for flammability characteristics. Typical uses of this pipe include potable water systems, water and wastewater treatment, irrigation, agricultural and other industrial uses.


SDR 21 is PVC pipe suitable for carrying drinking water.

PVC SDR 21 is manufactured from Type 1, Grade 1 rigid polyvinyl chloride. It is produced in sizes from 3/4-inch to 8-inch diameter. The pipe is gray or white in color.

Pressure And Temperature

PVC SDR 21 has a burst pressure rating of 200 pounds per square inch (psi) at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This pipe is designed for applications where the fluid does not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


Markings on this pipe must include the manufacturer's name or trademark, the nominal pipe size, the outside diameter, the material designation code, the standard Dimension Ratio designation code, the pressure rating in psi, the ASTM designation "D2241" and a laboratory's seal of approval for use with potable water.


SDR 21 joints should be solvent cemented when its application will involve fluids at or near maximum temperature. Threaded joint connections should not be used where fluid temperatures will exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit.