Why Does a GE Dryer Shut off Before the Cycle Is Done?

GE brand dryers are available for purchase in many appliance, home retail or department stores, as well as online, and come with many available features.

Normal Pauses

Such options include multiple fabric, time or temperature cycles, wrinkle prevention, moisture sensors, energy saving cycles and a quiet motor. Owners can expect the dryer to work well most of the time, but issues can occur, such as if the dryer shuts off unexpectedly before the cycle is complete.

Before you start calling for repair on your GE dryer, note that some pauses during the operation of the dryer are normal. The pause may seem as if the dryer has stopped, but in fact the cycle is simply in transition and will resume within a few minutes. Wait and listen to see if the dryer resumes operation before assuming that the cycle has stopped itself.

Cycle Interrupted

If the dryer is stopped mid-cycle to add another item or make other changes, it is a common mistake to accidentally stop the dryer entirely. To avoid this issue, press "Start/Pause" once and make the necessary adjustments. Shut the dryer door firmly and press "Start/Pause" once again to resume. Pressing the Start/Pause button twice in a row will cancel the dryer cycle operation. Note that if the cycle is stopped, a load is removed and a new load is put in the dryer, it is necessary to select a new dry cycle before starting the dryer.

Small Load

If the load size is very small, some GE dryers have sensors that will determine that there are insufficient clothes in the dryer for a full cycle. The dryer will then shut off after only operating for a short amount of time. Add more items or select "Speed Dry" or "Timed Dry" if three or fewer items are being dried at one time.

Other Reasons

There are a variety of other reasons why a dryer may shut off unexpectedly, including if the dryer is not installed on a level floor. Adjust the feet on the dryer until touching the floor evenly or install in a new location with a stable, firm floor. The dryer may also stop unexpectedly if the motor overheats. Unplug the dryer, clean out the lint filter and exhaust vent, and wait 30 minutes before restoring power. Contact a service professional if troubleshooting efforts cannot get the dryer to start again.

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